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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scrapbook Page

I'm on a roll here. It's my second set of scrapbook pages. I had scrapbook night on Friday evening and I played along with the other gals. I think I will be getting a lot of scrapbook pages done this year as compared to the one set last year!!! See, I'm on a roll.

In December I told you about a snowman I had made and was a bit embarrassed to talk about it. Well, I scrapbooked it. Maybe it will be my "scrapbook" of shame! Actually I'm not ashamed I'm just a bit embarrassed. It was all done out of desperation. We were not getting snow and then when we finally did get snow it came in the form of that fluffy dry blow away stuff. Well, how can you make a snowman with that? I'll tell you how!

First you take some snow and bring it in the house. You fill up hour kitchen sink with it and wait about 45 minutes for it to begin to melt. It's got to form a ball and you know it's ready. That does not require a thermometer, it's just the chilly ball stage! I actually stuck one of the balls in the freezer. It was the head ball and after a few minutes of thinking of the snowman head in my freezer I put it outside on the deck and I brought in some more snow for the next ball. I am the traditional 3 snowball snowman person. SO after making the three balls it was getting dark outside so I waited until the next day to make the snowman.

The next day came and with the subzero temps here the balls were hard as rocks. But did that stop me? NEVER! I got my coat and boots on. I took with me the scarf I crocheted and one of hubbies winter hats. I took some raisins for the mouth, a baby carrot for the nose (of course) and some malted milk balls for the eyes, buttons and smile. Oh and I took out the tea pot with boiled water in it. I needed to use it like a glue for the balls and to melt holes for the eyes, nose, buttons and mouth.

I got him all together and set him on the ledge of the deck. I took some photos and was going to leave him there but thought he would last longer if I set it on the deck. Plus I knew if I leaned him against the deck he would stay together longer too. It was a bit more shady and protected there for him.

So there's my sad pathetic story. On December 10, 2000 I brought snow into my house so I could make a snowman. I was having withdraws, what can I say? Those of you who love to make snowmen will understand the desperation. And those of you who don't like snow will know now that I'm officially crazy! Hubby and a few close friends already knew that!

And onto the layout. I found the layout at Stacy Cohen Designs. My scrapbookers like to have pages that are designed for more than one photo. SO I am on a quest to find some fun layouts to fulfill their wishes! I suppose I could actually sit down and draw up a few pages myself. How original would that be? I could give it a try. I mean if I can scrapbook I should be able to come up with a layout, right? I'll let you know how that went next month!

The embellishments here are from Sizzix dies and Cricut cartridges. Yup, I got a Cricut for Christmas and I am finally using it.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Diane said...

Oh my goodness Wanda,that is so funny!!! It's the first time I hear someone doing that! But hey,when one is desperate,a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!!
Your layouts are beautiful and I'm sure it was well worth it!
Btw,is he still in tact???

Jane said...

That is a fab story!! I love how we all have our little quirks!! Thank you for sharing yours!