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Sunday, January 03, 2010

And the Winner of the New Year's Day Blog Candy Is

I used the random number generator to pick the lucky winner.

I loved all the answers. From a serious math one (I'll ask my son to figure out that one LOL) to the reminder that the moon is made of cheese! Reading the answers to my silly questions is more fun than giving out the blog candy!!

In the "A Goofy Movie" Max did answer his dad "3-1/2 cups." It was such a funny and silly question. And it was a fun blog candy post.

The lucky winner is #19 "LindaLouWho"
and here is the comment she left:

"If the sugar were used as fuel it certainly wouldn't take much. A candy bar gets me flying so I'd say about 10 cups! :o) Fun and silly question and great blog candy! LindaLouWho"

Please email me with your snail mail address and I will get the package out to you later in the week. Someone did leave a comment saying that they didn't think it all would fit in the box. As creative as I can be packing a box I just couldn't get it to work. SO tomorrow I will be heading to the post office on my way to other fun errands and then pack it all in the new box and head back over to the post office on Tuesday or Wednesday. It depends on the weather. It's SO cold here today and the rest of the week doesn't look like it's going to warm up much. I LOVE winter but not this frigid cold. It's +3 out there right now. I'm in my workroom typing this with a space heater on. It gets VERY cold in my workroom when it's that cold outside. And this year the house is making a lot of noise. You think it would have been done settling by now. At times it sounds like someone throwing snowballs at the windows. I actually looked out to see if someone had. Hubby informed me it was the cold air. The sun heats that part of the house up and then when it cools it makes a LOT of noise. And late at night it's kind of scary. But as long as the security lights didn't come on then I ignore it.

Anyway, congratulations to LindaLouWho. Just click here to email me with your info.

Thank you all for playing along, it was a lot of fun. I'll be posting more soon, I found some more fun "stuff" while I was straightening out a cupboard. This one was such great entertainment!

Have a wonderful day,


Diane said...

Congrats to you!!!!

lisa808 said...

Congrats Linda. That's one huge box you will be receiving. Have fun with all th goodies.

Elaine said...

Yay for LindaLouWho! :) Love that name! tee hee!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Linda.
You are a very lucky gal.
I am happy for you.