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Monday, December 21, 2009

SO, I'm Making This Snowman....

... I wanted to try out this new die cut for over a week now. You know me and snowmen!!! I got all the pieces cut out. I'm back and forth to the Sizzix Big Shot and I'm cutting out the white and finding out I need more white pieces so I'm back over there cutting more. I wanted the hat, arms and boots brown so I'm back over there cutting them out. I wanted the buttons, eyes and mouth black so I'm back over there cutting them out. Oh and don't forget the orange nose!!! So after many times of getting up after realizing I needed a part in a color other than white I finally sat down to do the assembling.

It was pretty easy to assemble. I thought it would be more difficult because of all the "fun" I had running back and forth to do the colored pieces. The only thing I really had a problem with is the buttons. I asked myself several times "what is this" when looking at the odd button piece. Once I figured out how it went on the snowman it was a breeze too. It was just odd how you had to fold it and the only thing in the instructions that said a thing about them was a little line that said the buttons, arms, hat and smile do not have tabs. SO you were pretty much on your own there!! SO Justify Fullif I can put this guy together, anyone can. I'm not usually good about following directions but I managed to do it here!!!

Isn't he cute? The only thing I wasn't happy about with it is the size. The hat made him too big to fit in a regular card. And you can't trim the hat to fit. The arms stuck out too far but for that all you do is move them inward a little and they will be shorter and work. Maybe if the hat was moved closer to the eyes. Oops, just tried it and the only way to get the hat down low enough is to put it just above the nose. NOT a good look! Design a stocking cap?? That may work. Or go without a hat. But I will cut my card just a bit bigger and hand deliver it so it will be ok for me!

The instructions said you can also use this body form to make a bunny, chick, a pair of pumpkins ... and of course to just be creative! I'll have to try the "creative" thing with this sometime.

On a serious note. I would make these again and I don't regret buying this die cut!!

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Unknown said...

Wanda, he is REALLY CUTE!

Mary Davidson said...

Oh my gosh! He is so adorable and you are so clever!! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is incredible and looks sooo hard.

Diane said...


Cherie said...

Too darn cute! TFS!