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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cover It Up!

Another Santa Theme item for you. Making sleeves is a perfect way to cover up these little Russell Stover candies. I bought some of these for stocking stuffers. I REALLY didn't want to wrap them and it dawned on me that these things are from Santa and to be put in the stocking, SO why not use the "Santa Theme" on them!!

All I did was take a piece of red card stock the same width as the box. I wrapped it around the box and then made sharp folds on the lines the wrapping created. I glued the red on the back of the package. Then I tore some white card stock for the fur on Santa's coat. I glued it in place.

I took a piece of black card stock cut 3/4" wide and wrapped it around the box to form a belly band. Not that this needs a belly band, sleeves don't usually require one!

Next I punched out 3/4" circles from black card stock and glued them in place above and below the belt.

For the buckle I used a 1" piece of More Mustard card stock and a piece of black card stock that measured 3/4". I glued them in place and it was all done. I made quite a few of these and it didn't take long at all. I LOVE projects that go fast and don't make me wish I hadn't begun them!!! Always a good thing when that happens. So now I need hide these until Christmas eve when Santa comes!

You can make these sleeves with pretty much any size box (depending if you want the card stock to be one piece or two) Though with the "fur" part you can always hide the seams of the paper there and it's always ok to have a seam in the back. So you actually could make this a very big sleeve if you went as far as to use 12" x 12" card stock! I like to keep them small. The bigger the box you do the more difficult it is to get those circles for the buttons. I like punching better than using a circle cutter. It's more convenient and I'm all about convenience and easy!!

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Diane said...

Another cute project Wanda!!!

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

It's so much cuter once you've dressed it up like that!