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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey! Let's Twist! Weekend Project

Fun song isn't it? But it has nothing to do with this project! I had gotten some FABULOUS homemade caramels for Christmas from a wonderful friend. These caramels are to die for. I have never made them and they look like they would be a LOT of work and time. I make too many other things so not making caramels is an ok thing!

These caramels were in a cute baggie and wrapped around the baggie was a twist tie "thing" but not your ordinary twist tie "thing." This one had designs on each end. SO I thought, "why not try this with decorative papers." I thought of the papers because it would be quicker but it can be done with rubber stamps, decorative brads, buttons and even the large eyelets. Well, they can be done with almost anything you can think of put in the space you are working with.

Materials for this project are as follows:

1" red card stock
3/4" decorative paper (Giving credit where credit is due, it's a Debbie Mumm design)
1" circle punch
3/4" circle punch

That's it. Just a few items needed to do this and a few minutes. Using decorative paper it doesn't take long at all to whip up a bunch of these.

My ties are silver. They came from some left over baggies packaging. I just never seem to throw anything away. Sometimes it's a good thing but on the other hand, how much "stuff" can you keep around too? I now have the answer to that question. You can collect and keep it as long as you have room for it. Once you run out of space (like I have) you must either use it or re-evaluate why you are keeping it or how much you still want to hang on to it! That is where I am at now. I must go through "stuff" to see what "stuff" I am going to keep before I add new "stuff" to the mess!! Back to the silver twisties. Personally I think the white ones would work the best. They are made using paper and glue sticks much better to paper. You could use glue dots or red line tape on the silver but it might make the circle too bulky.

Good thing there is not a tv show about messiest cupboards! They would cancel the show if they saw my cupboards. The gals who come over to stamp are not allowed to open cupboards. They are ALL told that if they open them they have to clean them!!! No one opens them! I don't even like to open them!!! LOL

Anyway, have fun making these. They sure do add a lot to your baggies! A perfect way to dress up a plain old sandwich bag!!

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Diane said...

Those are too cute,great idea too!

Mrs Bs Blog said...

These are a fab idea, so much fun! hugs, Val xxx

Unknown said...

Great idea, going to get some made up for the girls school treats for 2010.