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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Bigger Note

I am so use to making smaller note holders and this one was a bit of a challenge for me. While sorting through some "stuff" in my workroom I ran across a small legal pad. I thought it would be fun to make a fun holder for it. I was going to use card stock when I remembered I had bought a package of the Stampin' Up! "Thoroughly Modern File Folders." Another one of those "why did I buy these?" purchases. I thought the looked cool but really had no plans for them. I will probably be cutting them up to use in projects. And as I am looking at the package right now the word "Sizzix" is going through my head!!! I'm going to have to check out the die cuts and see which ones will work with these!!!

If you don't have these file folders you can cut card stock to work too. It's not quite as heavy but it will do the job!

To make this I kept the factory fold and cut the back side at 7-1/2" and then I scored above the original score at 7/16". Then I marked the front at 7-1/2" from that score and cut it.

That is all you need for the holder. Very simple and quick.

I did have to cut the notepad down a bit. I didn't want a long full-size one. I cut off enough so the notepad is now 6-1/4". I added a piece of white grosgrain ribbon and then a piece of Soft Suede on top of that. I did tape them in place with the Sticky Strip tape. I wanted something that would hold.

Then I added Stick Strip to the back of the notepad and taped it in place.

For the pen I took a one inch piece of Soft Suede card stock and rolled it around the pen. I saw where it overlapped and cut it there. I didn't measure the length of that piece. It will vary a bit from pen to pen. I used glue to hold the card stock. Tape would work for a while but then in time it will come apart. Glue is the way to go here, including affixing it to the inside of the folder.

These make quick and easy gifts. Great items for teachers too!

On the front I did decorate it with a couple of ovals layered on a scalloped layer. The word "notes" came from a custom stamp I had made.

Have fun making these. They are simple enough that even the kiddies can help work on them with you, giving little gifts a more personal touch!

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Snoopy said...

What a great idea! It's beautiful.

Snoopy :D

Unknown said...

Great notepad;)

Diane said...

Neato!!! Wonderful idea Wanda!