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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sending a Little Love Your Way!

Sorry I'm so late at getting this posted. It's just been such a busy day. I had to take my car in to the shop today to have the engine looked at from the car accident I was involved in on the 21st. Then I had to spend time on the phone with the insurance people giving my statement of what happened. And then I had to make an appointment to have the bumper looked at and an estimate given. And I'm still waiting to see my own doctor so that's another appointment coming up. SO much of my time spent on something that wasn't my fault. But fortunately no one was seriously hurt and that is the important thing.

SO back to my post. I know it's a bit early for Valentine's Day stuff but not if you have to make a bunch of them before that big day!!! I don't mind making a bunch of something as long as I have time to do it and better yet time in between to set it aside and pick it up again a day or two later so I don't get too bored with it.

These are obviously Hershey Treasures. Not sure what gave it away!! LOL These are actually for an upcoming project that I will share with you in a few days. But they will work as a little gift just as they are too. Just stamp a bunch of these letters on the candies and put them all in a big bowl for your party!

Materials I used here are:

8-1/2" x 11" label sheet (one label to the sheet)
Real Red ink pad
Regal Rose ink pad
Stampin' Up! Hearts-o-plenty wheel
Hershey Treasures
Stampin' Up! Brushed Alphabet stamps

I cut the label sheet in half and then wheeled the colors on. I cut them 1" wide on the long side. Then I stamped the letters on using Real Red ink. Stamp them about 1-1/2" from the edge of the stamped strip. You want to give yourself some play room so you can get the letter centered. Oh and the nice thing about the Hershey wrappers, they allow you to move the label without ripping it. In the event that you didn't get the letter centered. Knowing this from experience! I share my trials and errors here! Once they are wrapped you are ready to use them in a project. And like I said, I will be sharing my project with you in a few days.

You can do a lot of fun things with these. They make a great little Valentine's Day gift for teachers, neighbors, the paper delivery person, your mail carrier, etc! And a bag of Treasures has quite a few pieces in it so depending what you want to "say" with yours depends on how many gifts you can make! For me "LOVE" just says it all!!! LOL

Another fun thing about these is the kids can help make them. They can wheel on the background, stamp the letters and depending on their age, wrap the strip around the candy. And of course they must be in the room to eat that last candy that you can't use!!

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Snoopy said...

Beautifully done! I have made nugget boxes before, but I never thought to spell out a sentiment with them. You're an inspiration!

Snoopy :D

Diane said...

Oh those are so sweet,what a cute little treat!!
I'm glad no one got hurt in the accident,but the paper work afterwards is a pain in the you know where!

Cherie said...

So-o glad you are okay! The candy bars you decorated are so cute! TFS!