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Friday, December 11, 2009

Blog Candy! I Didn't Forget This Time!

Can you believe I actually remembered to post this week's blog candy for the official New Year's Day Blog Candy post? Shocker, huh? I had such a busy day too. I spent most of my day baking cookies! Tomorrow it's going to be breads. Oh and while the cookies were baking I was wrapping gifts. Or should I say, "trying to" wrap gifts!!! Every time I sat down to wrap a gift the timer would go off or I'd have to mix up another batch of cookies. I did manage to get about half the gifts wrapped. I'm SO glad breads take more time to do so I should be able to finish up the wrapping tomorrow. How great would that be??? Keep your fingers crossed for me there!

I did bake some cookies that need icing on them. I have not decorated cookies in YEARS!!! It should be interesting. I bought the icing in the new cans that come with decorating tips. We'll see how that goes! I look at them and this interesting baking day comes to mind. Way back when I was just married my sister had purchased an electric spritz maker. I don't think I ever laughed that hard baking cookies, nor have I ever laughed that hard baking cookies sense!!! That machine pushed the cookie dough out so fast that we couldn't get it to make a good one. We took turns and laughed at ourselves and each others attempt! I think we did get one normal looking cookie out of the whole batch. And we ran that same dough through the machine many times in hopes that we'd get one good cookie and that was what we got, ONE!!! My sister still has the machine and she still brings up that fun day of cookie baking. It still brings a smile to my face when I think about it!! Maybe we should get together for old time's sake and give that little machine one more try. Machine one, sisters zero!!! We shouldn't have let the machine win!!

Ok, here is what I almost forgot!!! I almost forgot to tell you what is in the photo!!! There is a package of the Stampin' Up! "Long Notes (cards & envelopes), a package of Magic Mesh and a Stampin' Up! eraser.

Anyway, come back on New Year's Day to leave your comment on that post and you will be entered in the drawing for all these fabulous items!!! There's 5 weeks of them plus this one! Click here to see all the items!

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Anonymous said...

I look so forward to seeing your technique pages. I have bought 2 of your cds and really appreciate them.

Sara Paschal said...

You are getting a great blog candy lined up, this stuff is yummy!

Diane said...

Oh that story is so funny!! I can imagine you 2 laughing out loud!!!
Maybe you should take it out again,maybe you would be pros at it now!!!
Great candy Wanda!!!Thanks for a chance at it!

lisa808 said...

Your cookie spritzer story sure made me laugh. I could just picture the cookies flying out of the machine. It reminded me of my favorite 'I Love Lucy' episode where Lucy & Ethel are working in the candy factory and couldn't keep up with the candy coming down the line.

StampinCathy said...

Now this story on the spritzer was a flashback. My mom gave one to my sister and me and we couldn't figure it out either. It seemed more of a fun game then trying to back cookies. More sweet candy you have for the pile. Can't wait to see all the this sweet candy in one pile....and maybe in my mailbox to start the New Year off. LOL

JenE said...

Woo Hoo! This prize package is just awesome!!!

Wanda said...

Here is how your comments look in my email. I am using Kadie Labadie's as an example because while I was riding in the car I was checking email on my phone and I went to hit the "publish" link and we went over railroad tracks and my finger hit the "reject" link. SO Kadie's post got rejected. But it is now posted here where it belongs. I apologize Kadie and if you'd like to resubmit it I'd be more than happy to post it for you again on here. Next time I'll check the roads before I hit any links. Actually I think I'll save that kind of stuff for when I'm either at my computer or at a place that I won't have to be concerned about bumps!

Thank you all for posting. This blog candy promises to be fun, doesn't it? And I'm sure there are a lot of you on pins and needles waiting to see what is for next week!

Kadie Labadie has left a new comment on your post "Blog Candy! I Didn't Forget This Time!":

Fun Fun Fun story about making cookies with your sister. Remindes me of the first time my daughter and I made sprintz cookies - We laughed till we cried. Thanks for the visit down memory lane! Kadie from Arizona

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Anonymous said...

I too, loved your spritz cookie making story because my daughter and I make hundreds of spritz cookies every Christmas, and I can relate to all of the laughs that we have had also. Now we use battery operated machines and it seems to work a lot better.

It looks like there is enough blog candy for all of us!!!!! LOL I will keep my fingers crossed as well. Thanks for all of the thought that you are putting into this candy blog


Laurie said...

What a great assortment of blog candy! Thanks for a wonderful blog :-)