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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sweet Treat Cups Halloween Card

Here is a very fun card we did at Stamp Camp a couple of weeks ago. I have so many things to put on my blog lately that I am not keeping them in the order in which they happened! But they are finally getting posted on here!

This card was so fun to make. The outside is done using the Stampin' Up! "Sweet Centers" set. On the inside we punched a 3" x 3" envelope and affixed it to the opening. Then we slid a piece of card stock inside attached with a piece of ribbon at the top to grab it. You slide the card stock up and it makes for easy access to the candy inside. Nothing like making a candy gift and not being able to get at the candy without ruining the item. Well, this one you don't have to ruin it to get the candy out. The only thing to remember with this one is to have the card laying flat when you open it or you have candy going everywhere. Probably not a good thing to give to little kids. You will have candy all over for sure then!!! But then again I know an adult who would open it when it's upright!! *glances in hubby's direction and waves!* LOL I guess the hard candy shell serves more than one purpose. It acts as a dirt barrier so when they fall on the floor the fuzz and dust (like you'd find that in MY house!!!!) won't stick to it like it would with other candies.

If you click on the photo you can see the cool stamping technique at the top. I will share with you next week how that is done. You will be SO amazed. It's a rather old technique that we tend to set aside and when we dig them out it's like "everything old is new again!!"

Thanks Terri for such a fun card!!!

Thank you all SO much for visiting today,

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