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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lizard Legs! EEEEK!!!

I never throw anything away before it's time. Well, things I think I can make something out of or use them somehow that is!! This jar had some pretty expensive pure maple syrup in it. I remember buying it. I needed to buy pure maple syrup and for a few cents more this one came in this adorable jar!!! SO we all know which one I purchased!

I must have had this bottle saved for over a year. And then while trying to clean up my messy workroom I ran across some Halloween Rub-ons. Now this rub-on does say "Lizard Legs Liquid Essence" and probably some type of green liquid would look better in the bottle. But what green liquid would you put in a bottle that could be consumed by children should this happen to fall into their hands? SO I went with the candy, "Sixlets." Now why do they call them "Sixlets" if there are 8 pieces in a package??? Something to ponder another day!!!

Anyway, I just filled the jar with the "Sixlets" and tied a ribbon around the little handle thing on the side. Not much to this jar but the rub-on pretty much takes care of the theme here!

Just some fun things you can do with the stuff you might toss out!!! It's a form of recycling. I like to try to use things at least one more time before they are tossed out.

Be sure to stop back later this week. I have some fun weekend projects lined up for you!!! You don't want to miss them!

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Elaine said...

that's really cute and a great way to recycle! Thanks for the fun idea!!!

rozie640 said...

Adorable label!

Unknown said...

This is very liquid let me think think think...they have green bug juice sold around here (like kool aid) LOL, split pea soup mix.