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Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Still Snowing! Weekend Project

Yup, it's still snowing aluminum snowflakes here! I cut out two more snowflakes and wanted to make an ornament. I set one on top of the other and thought it was ok but wondered if I could make it more of a 3-D ornament. Well, I didn't quite know how to do that. SO I cut two more snowflakes out of card stock so I could play around.

I cut a notch up to the center of one flake and did the same for the other. I put the notches together and I had a 3-D snowflake.

I wanted to make the snowflake a bit frostier looking so I added some Crystal Effects on the ends and dipped them in some clear micro beads. It looked ok but needed a bit more so when that was dry I added a bit more Crystal Effects and sprinkled on some Dazzling Diamonds glitter. Now that was just what the snowflake needed.

I used Crystal Effects to "glue" the snowflake together. Once it was set I added a bit more to the outsides where the notches were just to be sure. This snowflake is very solid and SO pretty!

These were VERY easy to make and not to mention how fun it was too!

It's amazing that once you cut the aluminum with the die cut it's not sharp on the edges anymore. I'm sure it's sharp to a degree but not like it is before you put it on the die cut. I use gloves when working with any metals. A cut hand sets my work back for several days, it's best to be safe than sorry!

Have fun making these. They would look great sitting on the dinner table or around the house! And not to mention how pretty they would look on the tree, indoors or out. Though I don't know how well the beads and the glitter would last, I never tested it out. I made mine for indoor use.

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Unknown said...

I adore these! What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

tigerlily55 said...

Wonderful ornament. I just got that die. I may use shiny silver paper rather than metal but I think it will look great! Thanks for the idea.

Anne said...

Another beautiful snowflake! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Sara Paschal said...

another fab project, I LOVE these also;) Great job!

Sara Paschal said...

another fab project, I LOVE these also;) Great job!