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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Stamp Camp Photo Cube

This is one of the items I made at Terri's Stamp Camp. This photo cube was made using the new Stampin' Up blocks. You can do so many things with these blocks. They are light weight yet are heavy enough that they don't topple over very easy. They are smooth and nice to work with.

We stamped the leaves from the "Autumn Splendor" set and then cut each one of them out. My finger actually had a dent in it from cutting all those leaves. Each side of the cube had a leaf and then the three on the top. After they were cut out the edges were curled using the bone folder and they I lightly taped mine in place. I need to remove them to add the photos and I didn't want them stuck tight on there and ruin the card stock. I usually don't think ahead like that. I am one who normally just cuts things out and tapes or glues them in place without thinking of adding the details later!!! But this time I was smart and lightly taped them!!! Shocker, huh???

Each side of the cube has a piece of decorative paper. The paper was pre-cut for us and was cut to the exact size of the cube. Those were glued on using the Anywhere Glue Stick. I have to say, that is one of the better glue sticks on the market. And then 4 pieces of pre-cut card stock were added to the top of the decorative paper. The leaves were added but "normally" you would add your photos and then the leaves. And don't those leaves look real?

This was a SUPER adorable cube. Very fun to make thought the leaves did take a little time to cut out. I was at a table with 5 other gals and cutting those leaves out gave us time to chat with each other. It's always nice to meet and chat with new people. It made cutting the leaves out a fun time too! I would do it again (if I had that set!!!).

Isn't this just the cutest cube? I am not sure what photos I'm going to put in it yet but I do have it on display in my workroom! Terri is such a creative and talented person!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful, going to have to check out these blocks;)

Shari Nelson said...

This is really cute! You could probably make it with the Big Shot leaves die too. Then you wouldn't have to hand cut all the leaves!

michelle sturgeon said...

This is just gorgeous! WOW!