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Monday, October 19, 2009

Leftover Frog Eyes!!!

What do you do with your leftover frog eyes? LOL I had plenty of frog eyes left and thought I would bag them up for my stamping gals. I had some leftover decorative paper that sure did come in handy. Especially those little strips. Now that is why I just save it all!!! One never knows when it will come in handy! It was perfect for the these little bag toppers.

These frog eyes are so cute and bagging them up like this makes a great little gift too. Something special for a neighbor, friend and co-worker that doesn't cost a lot to make. Oh and not to mention that they were fun to make too!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


abbartski said...

I LOVE these. We have two parties this weekend, guess what I'm bringing? Just can't find the rolos yet. Looked last night, will go to another store today. Thanks for posting your whimsy work.
Stay well,

Unknown said...

I love Rolos and this is way cute!

M M said...

I love these. I couldn't find the Rolos so I used mini peanut butter cups. My grandson thought I was the best bringing him edible frog eyes.