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Monday, October 12, 2009

Altered Notebook - Weekend Project

Here is a fun and quick "Weekend Project" for you. I covered some small 3" x 4" mini notebooks with decorative paper. Normally I stamp on the paper first but this time I waited until I was done so I knew exactly where the image was going to go on the notebook. Plus the notebook had a little cushy give to it and made the image copy better onto the paper.

The word "notes" is from the Stampin' Up! "Note to Self" set. You remember, the one I bought just because of the "note" stamp!!!

For the spine you can leave the original one as it is and try to butt up the decorative paper as close to it as possible or you can cover it like I did with Duck Tape. Yup, it's actually called Duck Tape! There's even a duck on the inside of the roll!! This stuff comes in LOTS of fun colors. A while back I bought black and white. I didn't see much use for the other colors. And I know at the rate I use this stuff it will take me a LONG time to use it up. I had gotten mine at Menards. I like to use it because it not only hides the dull black stuff that is originally on there but it also helps keep the decorative paper held down and I know that in my purse this notebook is not going to catch on anything by the spine. Now the layered wording is another story. I don't think it will fair well in a purse for very long, no matter how well you tape or glue it down. For purse notebooks I usually stamp directly onto the decorative paper or card stock and have no layers. There are several techniques out there that can give the illusion of layers if you want them.

Here I used the decorative paper from the "Razzleberry Lemonade" set and stamped right on top of it. It created it's own dimension. But I did layer the word which means this is probably not going to be going in my purse!

It's fun to alter note books and the possibilities with them is endless! These little notebooks are great because they have 60 pages to them so they look like they are worth more than what you pay for them. And of course after you beautify them they will be worth more!! They'll be priceless!

You can take a pretty plain or ugly notebook and make it a work of art!! And even though it's called a "weekend project" it doesn't take the whole weekend to do it!!! For more Weekend Projects click here. And for more altered notebooks just click here.

These are great for a Make N Take, Stamp Camp, Hostess gifts, Customer appreciation gifts, Craft Fairs or just giving out to your friends. Keeping one for yourself of course!!!

Have fun altering your notebooks!

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Ree Donnelly said...

Cute, Wanda! You always have the best ideas! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Wonderful idea to use the tape on the spine, love the image you used;)