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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Coffin! Weekend Project

I'm posting a bit late today. It was such a busy day and I had so much to do that the day got away from me. But finally I got down in my workroom and got to play!!! That's the best part of my day! I LOVE being in my workroom and there is always something to do in here (including cleaning!!! UGH!!).

Today I thought I would finish up the coffin I started yesterday. I had some fun Halloween decorative paper. This one has bats on the other side so I made a bat lined coffin. The bat on the top is from a die cut I have. I filled it with vanilla Tootsie Rolls to show the size of this thing. It's a fun size to work with! And it's just TOO cute. It looks a lot better in real life than it does in the photo.

I had seen these around the net last year and saved the link so I could make one but never got around to it. And this year I just barely got it done in time! But at least I got it done this year!

All you do is go to Martha Stewart's website and download the PDF files for the base and the lid. Actually you don't even need to download them. Just put your paper in the printer and hit "print." Make sure the color you want on the outside of the box is the side you don't print on. This prints out with cutting and scoring lines along with a line or two of wording I wish wouldn't have printed out. But it's on the inside so it's ok, I guess! Here is the link to the coffin!

These are VERY easy and SO fun to make. Even the kids will like making these! I think they would make cute centerpieces. Because of their size I think they are a bit too big for party favors. But that depends on how much "stuff" you want to fill them with too!

Have some fun this Halloween! Don't wait a year to make them like I did. They are quick to make. I think it took me longer to pick out the paper I wanted to use than it did to put the thing together!

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Michele Kovack said...

Oh My! This is adorable!

Claire Ventre said...

Cute coffin!! Thanks for the tips and the link:) I'll have to try it out!!

Unknown said...

Such fun!