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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedding Card Redo Suggestion!!

Adding the wider ribbon made the original card much better in that area of the card. And this time I went with Crystalshope's suggestion of using the bride and groom from the Stampin' Up! "Viola to Go" set. I think adding that to the circle (just like the Mr. & Mrs. stamps did) let you know it was definitely a wedding card!!!

There were not that many elements to these cards which can sometimes be a good thing and other times can make a card look like you didn't finish it or got lost while designing it!!! I get lost a lot!!! LOL

I find simpler cards to be more of a challenge for me and there are times when I step out of my box and try out one of those simpler cards with very few pieces to it. And most times I produce a card I like and then there are times that the card becomes a struggle and I ask you for your opinion!!! I got a LOT of great ideas though I didn't have a lot of the stamps or supplies that were suggested. There's a lot of talented stampers out there!!! Why aren't you all blogging and showing your creations?????

It was fun doing this. I'll have to seek out your help again sometime soon. SO I will be contacting Crystalshop and getting her snail mail address!!!

I have some fun stuff lined up here for this weekend. NO, I don't have them done. I just have the ideas written down and am looking for the opportunity to play and create!!! With craft fairs coming up I like to share what I make for those and hope they will be a good seller!!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by,


Maria Matter said...

Beautiful!!! I think this one is my favorite! It was fun to see the different looks! Blessings!

NeedsARibbon said...

Voila! indeed. Yup, it is done to perfection. Now can I come borrow it (OK, have it!) I have a wedding on Saturday and no card made. Imagine the horror....giggles

Anonymous said...

That makes the card sooooo beautiful! Amazing how little changes can make such a big difference.


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

I like the wider ribbon - adds a touch more elegeance. Love the cute little stamp too.

Unknown said...

Love it, the wide ribbon and image look wonderful!

MJ said...

I am not sure which of these I like best?? This is such a great set to play with. I love all three cards. By the way, I tagged you and posted my award too. Thanks again.

kat said...

I was taken with the first card as it was so striking. After your re-do, I STILL like your original card better! mmmmmm, that didn't come out quite right, did it? I like this card, but I love the simplicity of the original and the look of the grosgrain as it's more 'substantial' [I guess that's the word I'm looking for]....thanks for sharing both of them with us.

Pat S. said...

I think this one is a keeper. I like the little touch of pink on the bride.

scrapnhawaii said...

I kept looking at your beautiful card and finally thought I would give you an idea: Where your bride & groom are, why don't you punch a peek-a-boo circle on the front of the card, with the bride/groom in the inside of the card? That way you are decorating both the outside and the inside?

Just a different idea. Beautiful work, Wanda, I love looking and ready your blog! Thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

this wuns the wun i have sen al of the cards and this is mi favorit thanxs for shoing the difrent was a card can go