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Monday, July 14, 2008

Is Bigger REALLY Better?

Got your attention on that one, didn't I!!! LOL

On a few of the comments it was suggested that I try the bigger wider ribbon. SO here is what I did. I used the 7/8" Black Organdy ribbon. I hope Stampin' Up! comes out with the black in the wider grosgrain and a few more colors too!!!

I changed the champagne to the "Mr. & Mrs. from the Stampin' Up! "Together Forever" set. Tanya suggested this in an email to me. I will be emailing Tanya to get her snail mail address to send her a set of 4 of this layout. I had cut my "Mr. & Mrs." stamp in half so I could use each one individually. I cut it so I can still put the two pieces together and use them as one stamp too. I do like having the versatility of the two pieces.

I will play some more with your suggestions and select another "winner" of the suggestions to the first card. This is fun!!! I need a little bit of "change" in my life right now. It's kind of like one of those games where you have so many parts to a puzzle and everyone helps put it together!!! I LOVE getting these suggestions. It can show me things I've never thought of before or things I've forgotten. I'm not use to doing "simple" cards. Most of mine consist of at least 40 layers!!! LOL And it's obvious that I need help with the simple things!!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by,


NeedsARibbon said...

OK, here is my suggestion for what it is worth: use scallop punch behind the Mr&Mrs stamp. Wider ribbon OK, maybe add another ribbon to it, like silver cord, or white grosgrain on top of black organdy? Or Use the photo corners in the upper left corner. I think it is a cute card as it is, and stands on its own! ~San

Jennifer said...

I like the bigger ribbon, but am wondering about an idea I had while looking at it. What if you positioned the ribbon horizontally on the lower third of the card and attach the Mr. & Mrs. using a small silver safety pin or jump hook? Just a thought. :)

Anonymous said...

I like your card! My suggestion of a wider ribbon worked and the other gal with the Mr & Mrs was great also. I love checking out your new cards each day.

Maple Grove, MN.

(I don't have a blog).

Lynette said...

I love them both, but I do like the wider, sheer ribbon better. Great blog - thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

I like it with the wider ribbon, the idea to layer is a good one! Great job on the redo, love it!

craftyantoinette said...

Wow, what a difference with the wider ribbon... I love it!
Have you see the faux metal video on the SU website? What if you used the champagne glasses as embossed metal like the 2nd demonstration he did?