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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Technique Page Waxed Paper Resist

This is a VERY fun technique. I LOVE doing the Waxed Paper Resist on my backgrounds. There was a time that Stampin’ Up! had a background called "On Safari" that looked a lot like this. When I had that stamp I stopped using this technique but now that it’s long been retired I’m back to using this again.

This is another page that I will be adding not only to my Technique Book but also to the pages I will be giving away as Blog Candy when my blog reaches 500,000 hits!!! It's moving fast so I'd better get a move on these pages!!!

It is a very simple one to do too. I just don’t like to do it when DH is home. You see, I have several shirts hanging in the laundry room that need ironing and I would be asked why I could get the iron out for this but not for the shirts!! LOL And sometimes (SOMETIMES) I feel guilty when I do get the iron out for this technique and don’t iron the shirts. But the guilt passes once I get back to my worktable to play!!! LOL

Your waxed paper should be larger than the paper your card stock. Crumple up the waxed paper and straighten it back out again. Once it's crumpled it will be smaller, that is why you want it larger than your card stock. Sandwich it between your card stock. Place a piece of copier paper over the top of that. You don’t want any waxed paper to touch your iron. With the iron set on medium slowly iron over the papers. You can lift an edge and peek under to see if the waxed paper melted onto the card stock. The colored card stock is ready to use.

For the glossy card stock, ink up the brayer and roll it over the paper until the color become sone tone. The wax will resist the ink and only the ink color will show. It’s now ready to use!!!

In the photo here, the dark colored piece is the colored card stock and the lighter one is the glossy card stock. No two pieces will look alike. I like to cut my card stock in half because I don’t really need two full sheets of the background paper (unless I’m doing a swap and need a lot).

Pretty simple and VERY fun!!!

This item was made entirely of Stampin' Up! products. To view more items made entirely of Stampin' Up! products click here. For more Technique Pages click here.

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ChrissyM said...

This does sound like a fun card to make. I'll have to try this! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Wanda, I was trying to come up with an idea for a technique for my next class, and even though I look at the resources page all the time on SCS, I had forgotten about this one, and I know it will be a WOW!

Unknown said...

Yet something else I have not tried, you are full of wonderful ideas.

NeedsARibbon said...

OK, now I want to do a Convention swap using this technique but all my paper is cut for 300 cards already.

BTW - Donna Reed lives in on in you! giggles...

Pat said...

Wow thanks. I never thought of using regular card stock. I had learned with glossy. I really liked the look. Will have to try it as soon as I iron again. Thanks so much. Pat