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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Leave it to Leah!!!

Leah is a very good friend and a FABULOUS and very CREATIVE stamper!!! She is extremely talented, especially with those Peppermint Patties!!!! It's amazing what she can come up with!

Leah made these wonderful cards that I just had to share with you. I am just lovin' the sports one!!! Not that the baby one isn't great too but I'm SO impressed with the sports one because I rarely do any sports cards. I was drawn to the brightness of the card too. Isn't it just wonderful? She used a decorative shank button on the bow. It was just SO perfect for that card too!! Probably why she used it, huh?? It was SO nice of her to share her cards with me and to allow me to share them with you.

I have never thought of using those buttons on cards before. Thank you Leah for the new ideas and for inspiring me. Next time I'm out shopping I'm going to be looking at those decorative buttons a little differently. They're not just for clothes anymore!!!

Leah also used those buttons in her scrapbooking. She said she removes the shank on the back so they lay a little fatter on the pages. Another GREAT idea!!! I told you she was "CREATIVE" now didn't I???
Here is another great idea that Leah had earlier this year. These graduation candies are SO cute. And they were a BIG hit at the party too!

Oh and if Leah's hubby is reading this, Leah REALLY wants a "Sizzix Big Kick" for Christmas!!!

Thanks SO much for stopping by,


*Susan* said...

I love the simplicity & cleanness (is that a word?) of these cards but how they catch your eye at the same time. Thanks to both of you for sharing!
Susan :-)

Erika M. said...

Ya'll are so creative - I love reading your blogs for inspiration.

ChrissyM said...

Love your blog! I may have to lift that baby card idea, love it!! I love all the technique pages you are working on. I love everything you create. Please view my blog, there is an award there for you.


Unknown said...

I adore the cute little baby cards, using the button is a very creative idea. I have looked at them before and my Sister has some, just never put them to work with paper. Great cards, I hope her DH reads this post she would enjoy the Sizzix :)

Lori A. said...

I love all the cards, but especially the baby cards. The background is awesome!