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Saturday, July 05, 2008

I Have a Store!

I have a store where I will be selling rubber stamps I no longer want. Many of them have never been used. I will not only have photos of the front of the stamp but also of the back so you can see what condition the rubber is in. The rubber on all of the stamps I will have there will be in good supple condition. I treat all of my stamps with the Stampin' Up! Stampin' Mist. It helps preserve the rubber.

I will also have some handmade items there and some stamping supplies as well. And eventually I will get some of my clay things on there too!!

Click on the link to see the "Christmas in Clay Online Store."

The store has an automatic check out through PayPal or you can use the "money order" option.

The shipping is based on the weight of the item being mailed in a padded envelope or Priority Mail box depending on what and how many you order oh and our zip codes. Mine is 55434. You can also check the information at the United States Post Office. I think the website may be set up to tell you how much shipping is before you purchase too. It's an awesome site. I will go to the post office a couple of times during the week. The local post office is only a few miles away (which is good since I'm such a chicken when it comes to driving!!) and I usually have other business in that direction on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Check back at the store often. I have LOTS of stamps I will be selling. I need the space and I must let them go. I will also be adding some retired Stampin' Up! ones too for those of you looking for that certain stamp set that got away from you!

Thanks SO much,


Anonymous said...

Wanda, Congrats to you on your online store!! I am sure I will be visiting it often. I check your blog daily, as you always have beautiful projects and some great tips! thanx for sharing.
Pamela Vega
aka - It'sjustme - on SCS

Dorothy said...

Congrats on your store!!!

Terry Molineux said...

Congrats on your new store....would love to view it but it won't let me. Is there something wrong?? with the link???

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Wanda! I am working on my "store" as well...not ready to unveil it just yet. Good luck with yours!

Terry, I just got into the site-no problem. Try refreshing your browser...