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Friday, July 25, 2008

Fossil Stone Technique Page

Here's a REALLY cool technique. I just love the effect of this one. And the colors you can mix together make it even more fun.

Rub one of the colors on the inside of the front of the plastic folder. Repeat with the second color on the inside of the back of the plastic folder.

Put the plastic folder together and rub so that the two inks mix and bubbles form. You may want to have a piece of paper over the plastic so you don’t get ink all over your hands. You want the ink to be all over the entire plastic pieces.

Put two pieces of Glossy White Card Stock together, glossy side out. Insert in the plastic folder and then rub so the ink transfers to the card stock.

You can use it as your background and you can stamp directly on top of it too. SO much you can do with this background. And it's perfect for a masculine card!!!

This one is going in my technique book and I have one ready to go with the other pages that I will be giving away as Blog Candy when my blog reaches 500,000 hits. That should be within 30 days. And with that in mind I'd better get cracking on making some more pages. A month will fly by fast. Plus a page a week won't add up to much so I need to do two or three and that should make a very nice resource book for someone!!! The book pages will go to a lucky winner in a random drawing. When I put out the word on the Blog Candy you will just post a comment there and the names from that post will be drawn. Plus I will be adding some more names too. You may have an extra chance to win. I will pick a day from now until the post of the Blog Candy, a day that has the most comments. I will take those names and add them to the drawing. SO if you left a comment on a day that has the most comments your name will be in the drawing twice!!! SO much fun!!

This item was made entirely of Stampin' Up! products. To view more items made entirely of Stampin' Up! products click here.

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Unknown said...

Yet something else I have not tried. You are packed full of wonderful ideas, thanks for the inspiration.

ThreadCatcher said...

Cool technique; I hadn't heard of that one before. Added to my never ending to-do list. jmniffer

Lori A. said...

Thanks for sharing a new-to-me technique! This book is an awesome idea.

SueB said...

I'm LOVIN' all the technique pages and got my fingers crossed for when they become blog candy! Thanx for the regular source of inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Love it! You have so many awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing them!