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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lucky Me!

It snowed again and this time DH and I went out to make a snowman together. This is the first time in ALL the years we've been married that he helped me make a snowman. It's much bigger than I would have made it only because I can't lift snowballs that big. But together it's amazing what you can accomplish, isn't it?

And isn't he fabulous??? I look outside at him now and his mouth has fallen off and some of the buttons. If it were November he'd be hanging around for a while. But he won't be here long so I took LOTS of pictures. It was fun making him, it's one of the things about winter that I enjoy the most!!! This made my day!
Happy Easter!

Thank you for checking in,


csroyal said...

How fun! That's a memory you will treasure forever.

LeAnne said...

Oh Wanda, you're so lucky--one, because you got snow and two, because your DH actually helped you play in it!

Melissa said...

He's perfect and your story made me smile!

Happy Easter,

kat said...

.....and, here in California, it will be 74 degrees today!!! I just couldn't live in the snow; I'm such a summer-kinda gal. But, if you have to live there, it's wonderful to have somebody like your DH to help and keep you warm! Lucky lady......
p.s. how do you have Easter Egg Hunts in the snow?????

dasimonds said...

Super Cute Snowman!!
Making a snowman is the
best part of having SNOW.
Nice picture!

Diane said...

Cute snowman!!! That's fun!!!

Pandessa said...

What fun Wanda! Give us your secret for getting him to help!

Unknown said...

Such a "cool" snowman. You have taken great photos, you should use them for your holiday cards next season.

Bella Rose Creations said...

Happy Easter to you!! And I gotta love a woman that makes a snowman!! I always want to but where I live we get a good snowman snow once every 3+ years and then it melts in 2 days. I just love him!!