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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Blog Candy Winner!!

I know you are all anxiously waiting to find out how I find the time to post on my blog every day. It's not "a" though I wish that one were true. Wouldn't that be fun to get some extra time, be it as a gift or even to purchase some??? And it's not "b" I don't neglect my family or my home. Though the home looks like it right now with some remodeling going on!!! It's not "c" either. I am a late night person as it is but I don't stay up late to stamp. If I can't sleep I may stamp but for the most part I will probably watch a movie or do some beading! I wish the answer were "e". That would be fabulous to do a weeks worth of items in a day and them post them as I need them. With me I'd probably lose them or use them before I get them on the blog!!! The only time I've done that was when we went up to Duluth for a few nights. It felt like cheating. And as far as "f" goes, I'm not sure I would like to have people working on my cards for me. It too would feel like cheating. And "g" not sleeping, well I'm not fun to be around when I don't get enough sleep, could you imagine what I'd be like without sleep?? NOT a pretty sight!!! LOL

The correct answer is "d". I devote a certain amount of time each day to stamp. I miss it when I can not stamp and I like to keep the cards as fresh as I can so I can remember how I did them!!! This remembering thing is getting tougher and tougher!!! LOL I did have to do a little bit of double time last week when I was making cards for the Stamp Share and one for my blog too. I couldn't post them until after the Stamp Share either. Some of the people from the Stamp Share visit my blog. Isn't that sweet of them? SO now you know how I operate. One card at a time!!! I LOVE what I do and I enjoy it immensely. And I will do this until it isn't fun anymore. I guess that would be when there are no more new stamps made!!! LOL

SO now you want to know who the lucky winner of the Blog Candy is, don't you???

That lucky winner is mudmaven and here is her answer:

"Congrats on a great blog! I think I'll have to opt for "h" and say that I still haven't figured it out yet and am hoping to get some answers from everyone else! Thanks ~chris"

Congratulations to Chris (mudmaven)! Please email me with your snail mail address and I will get the Blog Candy out in the mail to you. And if I don't respond to your email within a day after you email me please leave a post on here with your address, I won't publish it. I receive a LOT of emails and sometimes they go directly to spam without me even knowing. It's just best to check back! Or just send it to both, my email and a comment on the blog. I do read and screen every comment. You wouldn't not believe some of the spam I get in the form of a comment! I'm sometimes just shocked!!
If I don't hear from mudmaven by Friday the blog candy will go up for bid!!! Start checking your closets and junk drawers now!!! You must have run across some new stuff by now!!! LOL
I will be posting more blog candy in a few weeks (or maybe sooner!!!), I have LOTS more to give out!
I thank you all for playing along and for visiting my blog. It REALLY does mean a lot to me. I'll keep creating "stuff" as long as you all keep coming to see it! :o)
Happy Stamping,

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Diane said...

Congrats Mudmaven!!!