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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blog Candy Winner!!

Oh my, some of those stories had me in tears I was laughing SO hard. I have TONS of stories to tell, some you may not think as funny as I do but for those you would have had to have been there!!! We all have funny stories in our lives and it's important that we take time to look back on them and laugh all over again! Or maybe look back on some things and laugh at them for the first time!!!

Now you are wondering who the lucky winner is. Well, wait no longer the lucky winner is Elaine! And here is her comment:

I asked for "wood screws" at the hardware store and the guy took me to a section where there were some screws. I said, "No, that's not the kind that I need, I need WOOD screws - not metal ones." How was I supposed to know that wood screws are made of metal and not made of wood?? LOL!

Elaine, please email me with your snail mail address and I'll get the package in the mail to you!

Thank you all for playing. Stick around there's more blog candy coming soon!


Elaine said...

Thank you Wanda! I just emailed you! I read your blog every time I get online, and I love your cotton candy story!! How fun to do fun little things like that and years later reminisce about it! :)

And, thank you for the hat tutorial. They are just about the cutest little things I have ever seen! They're really original!! :)


*Susan* said...

Congrats Elaine! My husband would love that story - sounds like something I would say!! (I believed my friend when she told me deer antlers were made of wood and grew moss on them; hey, I was little and gullible!!)