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Sunday, March 02, 2008

"403 Forbidden" Update

My friend and fellow blogger over at Sara's Studio sent me an email asking me about this and later in the day sent me another email with the information she found on the issue. She's SO good to me!!! Here is the information I have about this:

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blogger 403 Forbidden
Apparently last night some Blogger / Blogspot blogs returned "403 Forbidden" errors instead of the publisher's content. It's Blogger's issue, not ours, but if you were affected by this go to the Newsletter Center for your blog, switch to manual distribution and then send the posts you want via our on demand feature. Then change back to automated distribution (and let's hope that whatever ailed Blogger last night is now working again).
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Later, when I have nothing better to do with my time I will be going to Blogspot and trying to "manually" change this and then change it back to automated distribution. Sounds like it's really not my problem to deal with because I didn't do a think to cause it. SO by the sounds of it I must spend some time straightening this out. GRRRR.

Please be patient while this error is corrected.
Thank you,


Terry Molineux said...


Wow I thought it was something I clicked on. Of course because I didn't recognize 403 Forbidden I didn't open any of the post..I have been going crazy this morning trying to fix it....hope you can figure it out because I must have gotten 80 posts on this...


Debby said...

I got 19 of those 403 Forbidden emails. Grrrr! I just went in and read my emails from Feedblitz and today they are all coming through fine. Otherwise I did nothing but post to my blog with the same info you did.
Angel Hugs

dasimonds said...

Yes..I received about 20 of
these 403 Forbidden..I didn't
know what was going on..
so I just deleted them...then
I went to my delete file
to open one..and I could click
and still get the blog?????
STRANGE!!! lol
Glad to see that they are all
working fine today!
Glitch in the
Have a great Tuesday!