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Sunday, March 02, 2008

403 Forbidden

Did anyone get this in their emails??? I subscribe to a LOT of blogs and there has obviously been some changes going on. I have not had much of a chance to view my emails to know what this is all about. I do know that if you open the email you get this:

"403 Forbidden" has changed

I clicked on the link and it opened up the blog that had supposedly changed. I then subscribed to it on that new window.

So if you've gotten that message in your email you may want to go in to each one and subscribe again to continue getting up dates.

Thanks SO much,


Elaine said...

I got about 15 of them last night! I thought it was spam so I deleted them all -- thank for letting us know!

Pat S. said...

I had about 8 of those in my email this morning. I checked them off as spam. Just that title looks like porn to me!

Pat S. said...

Should have read your entire post.
When you subscribed to it, was it somebody you actually knew?