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Monday, March 31, 2008

Cute Little Birdie and Rhinestones!

Ok, after rebooting many times I think the computer is finally running properly. I have to tell you, I'm not very fond of VISTA at all. But we'll save that story for another day because believe me I could spend ALL day telling you how much I don't care for it!!! LOL

Onto my card for today. I made this birdie card using the Stampin' Up! "Fun & Fast Notes" set. I've used this bird before. It's actually a "thank you" stamp but once you mask off the words you can use it for any occasion you see fit! I chose to use it as a birthday card. I never seem to have enough of those.

I added some pink rhinestones to the card too. I set buttons on it and they didn't look right. I tried to do the pink brad thing but that looked funny. I set the rhinestones on and they were subtle enough to do the card justice. Those areas REALLY did need something and who would have thought it would be rhinestones!!! But it was.

Oh and on the flower center I added a Dew Drop that I had gotten from "The Robin's Nest." They had a special on the 25th and I took advantage of it. I think the are adorable and I wanted to get some and hey, when it's on sale it's even better and it makes you purchase it quicker than if it wasn't. Am I right there??? LOL

I used the Berry Bliss decorative paper here too. I just LOVE that paper. This was a very fun card to make!

I also got to play with my Copic air brush too. I had gotten it for Christmas along with markers but was SO disappointed in the fact that a small can of air is $12. OUCH!!! Plus the cans freeze my hand. It's actually compressed air. The Copic compressed air cans have a special nozzle that connects to the gun and can only be used in conjunction with each other. I was able to connect the Copic air brush to my Badger compressor and now I can play away!!! I just need to find the time to play. My list of "stuff to do" is SO long. And at the top of it sits our income tax. UGH! So once I get this posted it's back to the books. Time is running out on that. 15 days. YIKES!!!

For those of you without an air brush you can sponge the color in. I would recommend a sponge with tiny holes in it. The smaller the holes the finer the color and the more control you have of getting the area covered where you need it.

Thank you SO much for stopping by,


Diane said...

Love it Wands,love your colors and your embellies are perfect!!

craftyantoinette said...

I have a solution to all your problems... get a Mac. :-D Tee-hee Seriously, my husband had been trying to convince me for about 10 years to switch over, and I finally caved. I've been blissfully happy ever since. :-)

Anonymous said...

You can buy "air" at Costco for 4 cans, about $12. Don't know if you have one close or not.

Debby said...

Beautiful job Wanda. Hey check out my blog I have something for you on it.
Angel Hugs