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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Playful Pals Bunny

Just in time for Easter!!  I made a cute little bunny with the "Playful Pals" and "Pyramid Pals Thinlits Dies".  I love it that I don't have to cut out all of the pieces individually.  Just those dies. It saves so much time and they allow me to make things I wouldn't because sometimes when it comes to cutting, I can be pretty lazy!  I have often passed up things because of the cutting.  Not anymore, not when the sets come with matching dies.  It doesn't get any better than that!!!

I made this cute little bunny with the set.  Even the nose is a die!! Oh and no stamping with the nose, it is just cardstock!

I'm not thrilled with how I put the feet on.  I kind of like them but yet I don't.  I could have added them to the bottom of the box and then folded them to make them like they are "bent kneed".  Or just sticking out from the bottom.  As I look at it here, it looks like the bunny has to go to the bathroom really bad and is crossing it's legs to hold it.  LOL  

On the feet, I did use a colored marker to draw the pads in.  

The eyes, whiskers and mouth are stamps included in the set. 

I made it so the box opens in the back so you can put candies or whatever inside.  I added a pompom for a tail, I thought it could use something back there!!!

I can't wait until my granddaughter is old enough to play with this. It's a set I will keep for many years to come.  

These are a lot of fun and they go together pretty fast!  I prefer to use glue to put them together.  I know glue will hold.  The tape... not so sure.  And I know it won't hold long on the glitter paper. Even the glue was tough to work with.  I had to clip it to make it hold.  On regular cardstock the glue held almost immediately after I pressed the seam with the bone folder.   I'm looking forward to playing with this again.  There's lots of critters to make!!

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Kathy H said...

Wanda, have you tried the Fast Fuse yet? That stuff is awesome and holds like crazy.