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Monday, January 04, 2016

A Summer Silhouettes and Wetlands Birthday Card

I was not feeling very creative today.  I went out to lunch with my sister for my birthday.  The place ate at didn't have caffeine free diet pop, so I end up with just diet pop and then I'm hyper the rest of the night. Oh and awake too.  You'd think I would be more productive being a bit hyper but it's not that busy kind of hyper.  

I struggled with what to make today so I pulled a stamp set from the shelf and it happened to be the "Summer Silhouettes" set.  And after looking at it for a few minutes, nothing came to mind! SO, I Googled the set and clicked on images and looked around.  I found this card.  I pretty much copied it the way that Julie at Paper into Love did it.  She has a video on how to make this card.  It's about 5 minutes and is nicely detailed. You can view that video here. It is an older post and the blue on the right was suppose to be Coastal Cabana but it's retired, so I used Tempting Turquoise.  Soft Sky may have been a better choice, but I will never know!!!  It is what it is!

I don't think I've ever done white layering on white cardstock before.  I always think I need a base color and then I can use that color for the back part of the layers.  But white on white worked well. It has an elegant and soft look to it.  I am happy with the way this card turned out. 

This was a very easy and fun card to make!! I can see myself making another one using this layout!

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