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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Playful Pals Polar Bear

These "Playful Pals" are so much fun!  I thought I would make a polar bear.  There's so many fun pieces to the stamp set and to the "Pyramid Pals" Thinlit dies.  All of the pieces here were done with the dies except for the smirk!  I just used a paper punch and then punched a little sliver off the edge.  Oh, and the eyes were also done using a small paper punch.  

Now when you make these fun pyramids, be mindful as to whether or not you want the pyramids to open or to be glued shut.  Since you have to cut out two pieces to form the pyramid, I glue them one at a time.  After I glue the first one, I will glue the bottom only to the second piece and insert it inside the first half I glued.  Now you can see which side you need to glue to have a pyramid that opens or one that is glued shut.  Ones that open are nice because you can put candies or other things inside them. They make great kids party favors.  They also make great co-workers gifts too!!  There's LOTS of ideas you can come up with for uses for these adorable boxes.

A tip if you are using the glitter papers.  You will need to use a large paper clip to hold the seam in place while it dries.  With card stock you just add glue, run your bone folder over the seam and it's good to go. But this glitter paper needs a little more help and time.

These are SO much fun and I have a few ideas for more!!

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That is so Adorable