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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Happy Happenings Butterfly Die Weaving Technique Card

Today I thought I would try something that would cause me to use some scrap paper.  I have seen the weaving technique and thought it would be a perfect thing to use up some scraps.  The only bad thing about it is, it doesn't use up much.  Well, not unless you are making a bunch of cards for a swap or to sell!  

I like the technique.  It's easy enough to do and it's actually pretty quick to do too.  

For my card I used a scrap piece from the "Pretty Petals" paper stack.  I love those stacks but I can never seem to use them up.  I don't mind having scraps left but it never ends up like that.  I usually end up with 3/4 of the pack left.  I have so much paper that I tend to forget the stacks or I most often find ones I like and stick with them!  I''m not one for moving on, am I?  LOL 

Anyway, today I was looking at that stack and some scraps fell out.  So that is how I ended up doing the weaving.

For my card I cut my strips 3/8" x 3".  The scraps were 6" long so all I had to do was cut the strips and then cut them in half all at once.  It was pretty quick to make them.  Then I just started at the center and added and wove a strip as I went.  I offset the edges so I didn't have to concern myself with lining up them up perfectly!  I did tape all over the back, both up and down and sideways.  I think gluing would have been quicker and a bit easier.  When I got to the ends the tape pulled out the weave a little and I had to try to get it back in.  Just a tip if you don't want to struggle with lining things back up.  Once I set it in place, I stamped the words from the "A Happy Happenings" set and then I added the butterfly using Dimensionals.  I stuck on a few pearls down the center of the butterfly and it was done!

Very easy to do and it didn't take a lot of time either!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Unknown said...

Very cute card! I love the weaving technique. Did you do this once before or was it somebody else? I CASEd this once before from someone and loved it. I look forward to your posts every day. Thanks for the great card ideas.

Wanda said...

I may have done this technique before but I'm getting old and I forget!!!! :o)