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Saturday, January 09, 2016

A Sheltering Tree Magic Card Technique

Today I wanted to try a larger Magic card.  I still need a little practice on how to get all of the details within the window and also all of it showing at the bottom once it's pulled out.  

I love using the "Sheltering Tree" set and it was fun to play with the Pirouette Pink ink, giving it that spring look!  As I look out the window at our snow cover!  No grass showing anymore!  Winter is here and the cold weather is on it's way!  I'm hunkering down and hopefully will be able to be in my workroom to play with stamps!!!  That's the plan anyway!

There's lots of different ways to make Magic cards.  I made one a couple of days ago.  You can check it out here.  

They are pretty easy to make.  A little tricky when it comes to making sure the image is lined up with the image on the acetate.  If they are not lined up then the "Magic" is ruined!  So what I did on this one was, I lined them up perfectly.  Then I used Scotch tape and taped the pieces together in the middle (on the top)  The punched circle hid the tape.  DUH, why didn't I think of that when I made the one the other day?  As long as you can hide the tape, it doesn't matter.  Plus it holds the pieces together better.  I did trim a little of the acetate on the top and one side. You can't tell. Like I said, I just need practice getting the images moved up or down more so they are more visible!  But not today.  

I don't mind making these, but they do take a little while to do.  I don't like using the Stamp a ma jig.  I don't know why, it's a very helpful and useful tool, but I just don't like using it.

This card could use a little more finesse on the front. Some words or flowers punched out perhaps.  It does need something!

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