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Monday, January 20, 2014

It's TIME for the School of Silly Walks

Many (many) years ago Monty Python's Flying Circus use to be on TV.  I remember watching it when it was in reruns, I was too young for it when it first came out.  I did get most of the British humor but some did slip by!!  LOL  I do remember liking it though.  And one of the things I remember is when John Cleese was in the "School of Silly Walks".  You can find some clips of it in YouTube!  I still find it funny!

While surfing the net I ran across the "School of Silly Walks" clock and it had instructions with it.  I was hoping it would since it is something that can not be made to sell due to copyright laws on the images of John Cleese and the words "School of Silly Walks". So I downloaded the instructions and set forth to work on the clock.  I am planning on redoing it though.  Somehow I got the numbers a bit crooked.  The download has you doing the clock on a square canvas. I may go that route next time.  I had a clock so I thought I would work with it.  The download also has a clock face and a clock face with the torso to print out.  I didn't print it out, I used my Cricut to make the numbers and that is where it all went wrong!  

Anyway, I'm sure you want to make one now, don't you?  LOL  If you do you can find the information on how to do it here.  

Hubby thought it was cool and it's hanging on the wall in his office! (warts and all!)

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Kristen said...

Absolutely brilliant! I bought my husband the box set last year so I know he would love this. Thanks for sharing!

Cindi (aka iring) said...

You know, the wonky letters kind of fit the silly theme! I happened upon your site through Pinterest. I used your baby shower card as inspiration. Thanks!