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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Off the Grid Valentine Envelope Punch Board Box!

That grid image from "Off the Grid" is such a fun stamp to play with.  Here I stamped it on a piece of white card stock and embossed it in gold.  I just cut it to fit my fun box I made.  Inside hides a Russell Stover Peanut Butter Heart!  

This box was very fun to make.  I had been surfing the net to find out how to make smaller boxes.  I found one that told me to cut my card stock 8" x 8" and score at the 3" mark.  It worked but the box was too big for what I wanted.  So I thought if I cut my card stock 6" x 6" and scored at 2" I may get closer to the size I am looking for and get this, I did!  I ended up with a 2-1/3" x 2-1/4" x 1-3/16" box.  Perfect for the candy!  And such a nice size to decorate too. Not too big and not too tiny!  

The words on the front are from the "Delightful Dozen" set.  I punched out two Real Red scalloped ovals and set them on the top and bottom of the large white oval.  I also punched out two Real Red small hearts.  One went on the front and the other is on the back.  It helps hold the tip of the box in place.  I didn't take a photo of it but it's just below the center.  The tip of the flap tucks in between it and the back of the box.  I just glued the bottom tip down and it provides enough space for the flap to fit in and stay shut.  I also tied a red ribbon around the box.  That alone would hold the box shut but adding the heart kept the tip down.  

I like the size of this box and I think it's going to come in handy for other things I make, including some of my clay stuff!!!  You can find the directions for the larger box here.  Like I said, I just cut my card stock 6" x 6" and scored and punched at 2" and 4".  Round one of the tips, that will be the flap of the box.  Fold on all the score lines.  Pinch in the two bottom corner pieces and glue them together and to the bottom of the box.  The original instructions just show you pinching the pieces.  I preferred to glue them so they would stay in place.  For the top two corner pieces I just clipped the one scored line next to the top of the box (on each side). I also trimmed that piece up a bit after clipping.  You will see that it looks a little too long.  Next I glued the bottom and side flaps together.  Make sure you get them even or your box will be lopsided.  I added the heart to the back of the box and then decorated the front.  Have fun with it!

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