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Friday, January 03, 2014

A Bright Blossoms Birthday

As we sit here in Minnesota with subzero temps I am thinking of spring and flowers.  I have several birthday cards to make this month and I really do NOT want to make them with any inklings of winter!!  "Ink"lings!!! LOL  No pun intended!!!

So I got out my "Bright Blossoms" set and thought I would make a cheery, warm and inviting birthday card.  I probably should have used some other color than black for the layering but I LOVE white on black cards!  

I saw a card on Pinterest that used the framed embossing folder and this flower so I thought I would reproduce that part of the card.  Not that the original card wasn't wonderful.  I just wanted to reproduce only a part of it.  And this is what I came up with!

I had gotten a very fun Birthday Card Keeper book from Terri last year and it's time to fill it up again!  So when I say "this one's for the book", it's actually for the book!!!  I have several more cards to make for January so I'd better get going on them.  I'd LOVE to be at least caught up each month this year.  It would be nice to be ahead but caught up works for me too!

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