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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Perfectly Penned and the Chevron Technique

The Chevron technique is a very fun and easy technique to do.  I found it here on YouTube.  There's lots of them out there but it was the black and white card that peeked my interest.  I LOVE black and white cards.

The instructions had you cut 5 pieces of the decorative paper 2" x 1".  You folded three of the strips one direction and the other two in the other direction.  This means you take a strip and fold the right corner over to the left side forming a 45 degree angle.  Turn the strip and repeat the same thing on the other end.  Turn the strip, not flip it over.  Both folds are on the same side.  You do this for 3 strips.  The other two strips are done the opposite.  You take the left corner and bring it to the right side forming 45 degree angle and you repeat it for the other end of the strip.  You need 2 of these folds.  Then you just put the strips together.  

To add more layers to your card you will need to shorten the length of the strips just a hair or however much you want.  The more you trim the less surface they will cover when you are done folding them.

Fun, isn't it?  And they don't take that long to make either!  I want to make some of these cards using the new Sale-a-Brations paper!

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christi said...

583 999wow, wanda. thanks for the link. this is cute and so easy. love it. what a great way to use up some paper that you don't know what to do with. or customize to someone's fav colors. neat. thanks, I need to quiz you about pintrest. sometimes when I click on one of your cards a bunch of cards come up but not the one I want to pin. any ideas how to get to them?