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Friday, June 28, 2013

Blossom Party Pop Can Flower Weekend Project

I have not posted a "Weekend Project" in a whole and today I thought I would post this flower.  I have seen a lot of these fun pop can flowers all over the place. So I thought I would gather a few pop cans (washed out of course) and cut them up to make my own flowers.  I had hubby hunt down his tin snips and cut a can. What a nightmare. Tin snips are so thick to work with.  So I thought I'd try a cheap pair of scissors I have and they worked SO much better.  You may want to wear protective gloves to do this.  The aluminum can is a bit sharp when cut.  But it's not sharp once you cut it with the die.

I cut my cans so I could make the maximum number of flowers from it.  You can cut two layers at a time too.  Actually you can cut 4 layers but it's hard to keep them all together.  They tend to slip around.  The flower here is made with 3 cut pieces.

After I cut my pieces I poked a hole in the center with my piercing tool.  Then I pushed the Antique brad through each one separately.  I am thinking about putting this in my flower garden.  It's certainly not going to rust!!  I am not sure how I will mount it.  I'm thinking of using a wooden dowel.  I'll take some wire to the back of the brad and wrap it around the dowel and it will be ready to go outside.  Or I was thinking of using it on a 4th of July card since the Pepsi cans are in Red, White and Blue!!  The Coke can I used here has a bit of the black showing on one of the tips but it's hardly noticeable.  It mostly looks like it's in red, white and blue!

These are very fun and easy to make (just protect your skin when cutting the can).  They are great for use on cards, something for your flower garden or even as a pin!

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Oma said...

Use the rubber tip of a door stopper glue with e6000 and the hot glue. The e6000 takes awhile so I saw someone use the hot glue to hold it while the e6000 dries. I even cut leaves from the cans. I like to use the colorful cans. This spritzer cans can even be curled like ribbon.