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Sunday, June 09, 2013

You Can Have Your Cake!

You can have your cake and serve it on a nice cake stand! Today I'm doing a bit of crafting instead of card making.  

 I have always wanted to make one of these and today I did.  Last week I stopped at the Goodwill and picked up a glass plate for $.49 and the candle holder for $.99.  Such a deal!  I used some Aleene's Platinum Bond Patio & Garden Adhesive.  I was going to use E-6000 but it was not in my workroom at the time so I used what was in the drawer.  This will bond nicely and look just fine because it's clear like the E-6000.  The plate looks dusty but it's not.  There's tiny imperfections in the glass that the angle of the light picked up and made look worse than it is!  

I have wanted to make one of these for a while but every time I had gone to look for a candlestick there weren't any.  I suppose a lot of other people were making these!!  I am going to let this set up for a few days.  The instructions say 24-72 hours.  It's best to follow them in cases like this.  So that means it will be ready to use on Wednesday.  Too bad I'm not baking a cake on Wednesday!!! LOL  Anyway, now I have one and I will probably use it when my stampers come over.  My counter space in my workroom is limited and I could put some stuff on top and yet have room for the forks and napkins under it!  

So if you want to make one of these, they are just WAY too easy to do.  Go to a secondhand store (or your cupboards) and get a plate and a candlestick.  The proper glue is extremely important.  Glue the pieces together and be patient for a few days!  It's worth the wait!

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Anonymous said...

What a cute idea, Wanda.
Thanks for sharing this with us.