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Monday, June 24, 2013

Timeless Talk Matchbook Notes

These are called "Matchbook Notes" because the open like a matchbook.  The flap fit just behind that piece you see with the 4 pearls! 

You can do this with any scratch pad you have sitting around.  Just take a piece of card stock and scrap it around scrap copier paper to see if the 11" part is long enough.  Then you cut it to fit the width of the scratch pad.  

Glue the back of the scratch pad to the cardstock.  I also glued the little front flap to the  first piece of paper in the scratch pad.  The glued end of the scratch pad is at the bottom and I did glue that to the cardstock too.  

I found a scrap piece of the Patina Technique and I thought it would work well with this.  It's always fun to use some of your scrap findings!!  

I thought the phone image from the "Timeless Talk" set would be perfect for a scratch pad notebook.  And of course the "Hello there" was a perfect fit too!  

I embellished the phone with a lot of tiny pearls.  One in the center of the dial and tiny ones all around it, plus a few up above the dial too!  It looks SO much better in person!  

I will probably gift it.  I will wrap it up in cello wrap and set it aside until it's needed!

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