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Friday, June 14, 2013

Straw and Inkers Technique

First you need a piece of glossy card stock and 3 to 5 inkers and of course a straw.  For this card I used Daffodil Delight, Pear Pizzazz, Pool Party, and Pacific Point.  I cut two pieces of the glossy card stock because on the final step you can do something different.  

Cut your card stock to desired size.  Pick out the lightest inker and add 3 to 4 drops on your card stock.  Take your straw and blow the inker around.  Blow it off the paper too for a pretty effect.  Next I added 3 drops of the Pear Pizzazz and blew that around on the card stock.  Then I added only 2 drops of the Pool Party and blew that around too.  And finally I took the Pacific Point and added about 4 drops on the card stock.  Then I took my straw, using it like a knife, I slid the ink over the card stock.  Take a paper towel or tissue and wipe the ink off and then set it aside to dry.  It will dry lighter than you are seeing it now.  On the second piece I put rubbing alcohol in a spritzer bottle and gave it a couple of spritz after I slid the ink over the card stock.  Then I took a tissue (not a paper towel) and blotted the ink off.  More of the Daffodil Delight showed through with the alcohol than with the first way.  But both are pretty and both are fun.  Did you get dizzy?  LOL  I like to call this technique, "See who passes out first!"  LOL 

These are actually fun to make.  The part I don't like is the waiting for it to dry.  You can heat it up with your embossing heat tool to dry it faster.  

The edges are darker because they got wet from blowing the ink across to the edges.  The ink got between the layer of paper and soaked through.  That is the part that was still wet the next morning.  

You can find Kay's tutorial on how to do this here at Stamping to Share. I didn't have any special tips or changes on this for you other than to be careful when stamping the image.  You need to use black StazOn and it can slip on the glossy card stock.  Stamp strait down and lift straight up.  

Have fun with the inkers.  The possibilities here are endless!

(FYI, the bottom photo is the one that I used the rubbing alcohol on).

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