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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Thoughts & Prayer Mother's Day Card

Last month I made a card much like this. You can see it here.  What I had done was I didn't like the background I did so I remade it.  I kept the piece I didn't care much for.  And when I had stamped the flower image I huffed on the rubber stamp and stamped it on another piece of card stock and set that aside too.  While picking up things today I ran across those pieces and put them together and made another (yet similar) card.  The only thing that is different is how the wording was done.  But I do have to say that this was a quick card to put together. It's always fun when you find pieces to make a card and then end up with a decent finished card!  I will add this one to the ones I'm going to be selling in the garage sale next month!  It's an easy way to sell Mother's Day cards.  The HUGE garage sale (over 200 homes) brings in lots of shoppers and it's the day before Mother's Day.  A perfect time to sell Mother's Day cards now isn't it?  LOL

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