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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Need for Speed Fun Fold

I have loved the look of this layout for years.  It's so fun and yet easy to do!  And I LOVE making masculine cards.  It just seems like there are not enough fun samples out there to be found!

First you fold a half sheet of card stock in half.  Then you cut half of the front of the card off.  On the front piece that is attached you can add some decorative paper.  I don't know what package this paper is from, this was a card I had gotten from Terri from her last Stamp A Stack.  

The inside little card piece is cut 7" x 2-1/4" and folded in half.  It's taped inside the card with the fold about 3/4" from the outside (right) edge.  

The stamped image piece is cut 2" x 3-1/4".  Stamp your image before you put it on the front of the small piece.  If you put it on first you're pretty much guaranteed that you will make a mistake!!!  It happens to me EVERY time I tape first!!  LOL

For other size images, figure out what size you need for the image.  Cut it out and stamp your image.  Then make the inside piece by cutting the card stock 1/4" wider and 1/2" longer.  Yup, just that simple!  I have several images that I want to use this layout on and the above simple instructions will come in handy!!

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