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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Just Believe Notes Weekend Project

I have made a number of these fun notebooks in the years.  I found the pattern at Capture the Moment.  You can click here for a link to the directions.  

I had a scrap of decorative paper the "Print Poetry" paper pack.  I know I won't get through that pack using scraps!!! LOL  But at least the scrap piece is gone now.  Once again I find that I should have put a layer behind the image. And I'm thinking that I should have used Very Vanilla card stock instead of the Whisper White. But I had run across this notebook and it just needed decorating.  I don't even remember making it or putting it away!  But that doesn't surprise me! LOL  Anyway, the pencil was already wrapped in white paper so I had to go with white.

You can get a good deal on scratch pads at Office Depot, Office Max or Staples.  You just have to shop around.  Sometimes you can go to your local printer and see if they have any for sale too.  I had bought a TON of them a long time ago so I just slowly pick away at the stash.  One of these days I'm hoping to find that I am in need of shopping for more.  But with the amount I have on hand right now and how quickly I am not using them I don't see myself buying anymore for a VERY long time.

These notebooks are very fun to make.  Now I did alter mine a bit from the original pattern.  I made mine shorter because of the size of the scratch pad.  It's extremely easy to adjust the pattern to what size notepads you have.  I also cut my pencil down too. We have a band saw so I just took it out there and cut it off.  You can take a craft knife and mark your length and then just roll the craft knife across the pencil and apply some pressure and when the cut gets about half way through or a bit more, you can snap the pencil on that cut line.  Just sand the end and now you have safely cut a short pencil.  Or you can try to find some short ones at the dollar store!  How ever you make these, they all turn out cute.  I just like the idea of having a pencil holder along with my notepad!

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Anonymous said...

Very cute and colorful notebook holder. Thanks for sharing.