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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sir Windchill

Today I am going to share with you one of my creations.  This is Sir Windchill.  He is a beaded snowman.  I had been working on him off and on for a few months.  Sneaking a little time here and a little time there to work on him and now he is finally done.  I was smart enough (this time) to write down the instructions as I made him so I could write it up at a later date and do the diagramming.  The diagrams take me a long time to do. Well, to me it's a long time (it sure feels like it!).  I'm not all that familiar with the program so it does take me a lot longer than someone who had some schooling on it.  But I muddle through and I get the diagrams done and that's what counts!

I will be getting the pattern out for this in a few weeks.  I have a lot of other things I need to catch up on first.  Plus, in my neck of the woods not too many people are liking snow or snowmen right now. We really have had enough!  

I will keep you posted on when the pattern for this guy is available.  And I'll be making some of these to sell as well!

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paula said...

What a cute snowman. This would make a
nice pin. Thanks for sharing the photo. Glad winter is over.

Anonymous said...

What a great snowman. job well done.