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Monday, April 15, 2013

Rain or Shine and Sunshine & Sprinkles

The title of the two items are like opposites.  Rain or Shine and Sunshine & Sprinkles.  Kind of sounds like shine and rain!  Are you confused now?  LOL  Well, my card won't confuse you.  It's a fairly simple card.  They're usually simple when you use decorative papers or when you use textured backgrounds.

The decorative paper used here is from the "Sunshine & Sprinkles" pack.  And the images are from the "Rain or Shine" set.  

After layering the decorative papers, I punched out a large circle and then stamped the words in the middle.  I know, it's not the right way to do it.  But I did it that way and it words first but like I said, it worked out.  Then I stamped the umbrellas and cut them out by hand.  Not one of my favorite things to do.  And the same with the handles. I did NOT like cutting those tiny things out at all.  Next time I make a card like this the circle is going to be bigger so I can just stamp the handles directly on the paper! I set the umbrellas where I wanted them to go and then I stamped the rain.  I set the umbrella tops in place using Dimensionals.  Then I glued the handles in place.  It's a simple card but it was the cutting that I just didn't like.  But it's done and I now have my two baby shower cards for the two baby showers I will be attending soon.  I do like this one much better than yesterday's post.  I think I'll use this one at the shower my daughter-in-law's family is having.  I don't need to impress my family!!! LOL

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christi said...

you are so funny. very cute card. i didn't like cutting my handles. fussy cutting is not my thing.