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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Sampler Meets Sunshine & Sprinkles

It sounds like some cutesy thing from a Disney movie, doesn't it?  LOL  I was surfing the net for a different layout when I ran across this one.   You can see the card here that I took the layout from.  It did take a little doing to get it right.  What I ended up doing was  I made a template for the squares.  First I punched out a 1-1/4" square.  Then I cut a piece of card stock to work with.  I found the center of the card stock (along the right side) and set the square in place.  I traced it and then moved it to the top space and lined up everything and traced the square again. And then I moved to the bottom and did the same thing there.  Once I had them all traced and they looked straight I lined up the punch and punched out the squares.  Now I had my template.  I set it on my card stock and traced the squares (on the backside) and then punched them.  

To stamp my images I just made sure my stamp was centered on the block.  I set the template on the card stock and then stamped each image.  It took longer to make the template than it did to make the card.  But now I have a fun template to use and you will probably see a few more of those layouts. I have several stamp sets with small images.  I LOVE them.  I have a lot of fun with them and I find them easy to work with.  Especially with layouts like this!  I may even try to make a template using circles!! But not today!  I need to catch up on some beading stuff.

This is such a bright and cheery looking card.  I'm SO ready for the fun spring colors.  I'm SO ready for spring.  As much as I love winter, I'm just ready to have the windows open and see some green outside!

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Traci Davis said...

This is a darling card, thanks for sharing. Thanks for the tip for creating the template also. Happy Stampin'!

conie said...

I love this card. It is so bright and cheerful. It will sure brighten up a rainy day.