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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Sampler Card - Fun Layout

I bought this "Spring Sampler" set because I'm such a sucker for those small image stamp sets.  I feel that I get a lot of bang for my buck with them.  There's so many different images (24 in this set) that I can make a lot of different cards and even fun backgrounds.  

I used the cute boots for this set because I felt it went well with the water dripping decorative paper from the fun Sunshine and Sprinkles" pack.  

This is one of my favorite layouts.  I have a sample sitting out all the time with the measurements so I can make this layout anytime.  And as I was looking at my very old sample I could see that it had gotten wet.  It must have been accidentally been set or dropped on the stamp scrubbing pad.  

You can find the instructions here.  I used Not Quite Navy and Daffodil Delight for my colors.  

I do have a tip to share with you when it comes to punching the circles.  Line the two top pieces of paper up as if you were going to tape them together.  You can add a little bit of tape to the area where you think the circle will be punched from or you can use removable tape.  Once the pieces are lined up, drop the pieces all the way into the punch.  Eye up the sides so they are even.  Then take the 1-1/4" punch and punch out both pieces.  Now take your decorative paper and place a piece of scrap copier paper behind it.  Line up the circle inside the 1-3/8" circle punch.  Make sure the circle is as even as possible all the way round.  You will be punching out a think ring.  You don't have to worry about getting the paper all the way down the punch, you are just punching a ring out.  Now put the decorative paper on top of the card stock and see how nice they line up.  Or you can do it Karen's way!  LOL  I like doing it this way, it's quicker and I don't have to trace anything.  

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KER said...

great layout...thanks for the tip...and navy and daffodil are a fave combo of mine...very cute card

connie said...

Cute card. I like the boots and the colors.