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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Serene Silhouettes Faux Airbrush Technique

Today's card went out in today's mail!  I was playing with the Faux Airbrush technique.  It's a very fun and easy technique too.

For my card I used the "Serene Silhouettes" set and the words were done on my computer and printed out. I used the Dotted folder for the dry embossed background. 

For this technique you pick some shades of a color.  Here I used shades of blue and shades of green.  As with most coloring you start with the lightest color first.  So I started with the green.   You take a stipple brush and run it across your ink pad to pick up ink. This is also a great time to get those little pieces of glitter of the pads and any dust or pet hairs too!  I took advantage and got all the pieces of glitter off my pads.  Ok, once you have your brush inked up, holding it straight up you just tape it on the paper.  Then I moved on to the next darker shade of green.  And I did the same with the blue.  Looking at this card now I think I should have brought in some oranges and reds in to make it look like a sunset.  And then darken on the grass more for a better evening look.  But I didn't so this is what I got.  Make sure when you go from green to blue you wash the brush and dry it off before going to the next shades of colors.  It's a fun and easy technique.  A short bristled, stiff stipple brush works best.

Give it a try!

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