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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Clean Stamp is a Happy Stamp

I have a love hate relationship with the clear mount stamps.  I love them because I can see where I'm stamping.  They are cheaper and they are easier to store.  They don't take a lot of room.  I hate them because they don't stay on the block when I'm trying to clean them.  

I read on someones blog to go to the fabric store and get some clear vinyl.  The kind of stuff you use for tablecloths.  They suggested they suggested the medium thickness one.   So I made a note to get some next time I was at the fabric store.  The other day I was stamping and I had left one of the measuring marker vinyl cling things on my stamping block.  I took my stamp and stuck it on the vinyl side and stamped my card.  Then when I went to clean it I was amazed.  The stamp stayed on the vinyl covered block.  So I crossed off the vinyl from the fabric store because my problem was solved.  I could use pressure when I was cleaning the stamp and even the thinner stem part didn't come off!!  The solution was in my workroom all along!  So these vinyl stamping guides not only help with getting things lined up right but they help to keep the stamp on the block when you are cleaning it!  What a great find!  Just make sure you put the stamp on the vinyl side of the block!!

Updated 2-7-13
The vinyl  measuring marker clings are called "Clear Mount Perfectly Placed Guides".  They are on page 7 of the 2012-2013 catalog.  You can order yours here.  

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Anonymous said...

What is one of the measuring marker vinyl cling things and where do you get them??? I haven't heard of these. Thank you for the tip!

christi said...

what's a measuring marker vinyl thin? I want to see if I have one too. :) thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Another way to keep those stamps on the block for both stamping and cleaning is to put a few spots of Stampin' Up two-way glue on the stamp and let it dry. Works for me every time!