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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blooming with Kindness Birthday Wishes

My daughter-in-law is having her 30th birthday on Sunday and I thought I would make a card for her.  I did find this on the net at Split Coast Stampers.  The original card can be seen here.  I didn't make it exactly like the original one.  I omitted the butterfly on the flower.  To me it blended in too much with the flower and kind of got lost.  What I did like about the butterfly on there was that it hid the stem of the flower.  I thought of adding a different colored butterfly but I wasn't seeing a color that I really liked that would go with the Cherry Cobbler.  I know there's colors that compliment it but they just didn't do it for me in the form of a butterfly. So I just omitted it and I think it looks fine with out it.  This is a CAS (Clean And Simple) card.  I like those a lot!

If you are in need of a really quick card to make, this is the card for you.

It only took 5 minutes to make this card.  You emboss the background with the Cuttlebug folder.  Then you stamp the flower and add the words.  It took longer to clean the stamps and put the stuff I used away than it did to make the card.  And I hope you didn't fall over.  I actually did put the stuff away!!!  But I am going to take some of it back out.  I had a fun idea for the flower (again!).  Hope you're not sick of seeing that flower.  I'm not. As much as I LOVE winter I'm ready for some flowers.  A few weeks back the grocery store had the daffodils on sale and when I was finally able to get to the store, the ones they had for sale were all opened.  What fun is there in that?  Isn't it a bit early for the daffodils anyway? I remember getting some last year and setting them in a vase on the table on the deck.  I don't recall any snow on the ground and I don't recall it being cold out!  I am willing to wait for the daffodils to come back in the store.  I am anxious though to start growing seedlings.  We have a small greenhouse on the deck and we had a few things in it last year but it was SO blasted hot that not much grew in there.  I got it a bit late in the growing season too so that may have had something to do with it.  Once the temps warm up (and the snow is gone, of course) I'll be growing "stuff" in there and getting them ready for the gutter garden.  If you did not see my gutter garden last year, here one of the pictures I took of it.  We learned a lot from having it last year (our first year).  Radishes do not grow well in it.  The peas did ok but do much better in the ground.  Carrots really do need room to grow deep, deeper than a gutter but they did grow and they were true baby carrots!  Plus they were VERY sweet!  Spinach did not fair well at all.  I don't think it likes the hot sun ALL day.  The celery did well and so did the parsley.  This year I am going to dehydrate a lot of things so we will have them for soups in the fall.  I also plan on buying a few herbs this year too.  It will be fun.  Well, as long as it's not too hot outside. I'm really hoping for a much cooler, milder summer than last year.  One can hope, can't they?

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Anonymous said...

I love your birthday card here. It is so elegant and gorgeous. I love that flower, but I do not have it. I do have the frame folder, so will need to use mine for the first time. Thanks so much for sharing your great information with us.